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Working Papers (email for copy if not linked):

  • “Leadership and Productivity: A Study of US Automobile Assembly Plants”, with Kamalini Ramdas, R&R at Management Science
  • The Tragedy of The Last Mile: Economic Solutions to Congestion in Broadband Networks.” with Jacob Malone and Aviv Nevo, Reject and Resubmit at American Economic Review
  • “A Snapshot of The Current State of Residential Broadband Networks.” with Jacob Malone and Aviv Nevo.  Submission Invited to Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • Screening with Congestion”, with Maxime Agbo and Marc Santugini
  • “Patterns in Off-Label Prescribing in the US Pharmaceutical Industry”, with David Bradford and Meredith Paker
  • “The Unbundling of the Telecommunications Industry: Evidence from Cord Cutting.” with Jacob Malone, Aviv Nevo, and Zach Nolan
  • Capacity Investment, Exclusionary Behavior, and Welfare: A Dynamic Model of Competition in the US Airline Industry
  • “Price Discrimination in International Airline Markets” with Gaurab Aryal and Charlie Murry
  • “Steering Incentives and Bundling Practices in the Telecommunications Industry” with Brian McManus, Aviv Nevo, and Zach Nolan
  • Taxation in the Aviation Industry: Insights and Challenges” with David Agrawal and Quinton White
  • “Taxation in Networks: Evidence from the Airline Industry” with David Agrawal and Quinton White


  • “Collusive Pricing Patterns in the US Airline Industry”, with Federico Ciliberto and Edwin Watkins, forthcoming in International Journal of Industrial Organization
  • “The Costs and Benefits of US Patents”, with James Bessen, Peter Neuhausler, and John Turner, forthcoming in International Review of Law and Economics.
  • “The Distribution of Surplus in the US Pharmaceutical Industry: Evidence from Paragraph (iv) Patent Litigation Decisions”, with Ruben Jacobo-Rubio and John Turner, forthcoming at Journal of Law & Economics
  •  “Off-Label Use of Pharmaceuticals: Trends and Drivers”, with David Bradford and John Turner, forthcoming at Journal of Industrial Economics
  • “Network Structure and Consolidation in the US Airline Industry” with Federico Ciliberto and Emily Cook, forthcoming at Review of Industrial Organization.
  • “Effects of Mergers and Divestitures on Airline Fares” with Zhou Zhang and Federico Ciliberto, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2603, 2017, pp. 98-104
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  • “Non-Separable Pollution Control: Implications for a CO2 Emissions Cap and Trade System”, with Mark D. Agee, Scott Atkinson, and Thomas Crocker, Resource and Energy Economics, 2014, 36(1), 64-82
  • “Can Stock Price Movements Inform Operational Improvement Efforts?  Evidence from the Airline Industry”, with Marc Lipson and Kamalini Ramdas, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2013, 15(3), 423-443
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